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TSC’s Data Visualization and Analysis module provides a modern, integrated environment specifically for advanced marketing analytics. Users, including those without advanced analytic skills, can examine and understand the sets of visuals and statistics needed to both verify the data and form initial insights and hypotheses on what's driving demand.

Key Features

  • Data Import Wizard

    Ensures the database structure is properly prepared and aligned for the subsequent modeling and decomposition modules; from simple text files, Excel, R-based Flat file, API feeds, etc.

  • Discovery

    Interactive discovery of relationships, trends, outliers, etc. for business users and analysts. A broad number of standard charting views that are best-suited to display selected data. Analytical visualizations include time series views across multiple variables, cross-correlation plots, pie-charting investment charts, correlation matrices, line charts with forecasting, aggregation options from daily to annual sums, and much more

  • Data Analysis and Transformations

    Correlation matrices across all variables, Simple seasonality estimates, Univariate model summaries on main endogenous variable, measures and detail management, basic scenario analysis, custom binning, etc.

  • Integrated Reporting and Dashboards

    Fully integrated analytical reports with modeling engine allows for a deeper insights and superior enablement of modeling insights. Dynamic visualizations make modeling output come alive.

Data Visualization & Analysis

Dynamic Bayes Modeling

Full System Decomposition

Simulation & Optimization

Forecasting & Reporting

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