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“How can I get most out of my marketing analytics?”


While the benefits and the maturity progression of enablers like data, modeling, and optimization have all been extensively discussed, organizations really should begin by asking;

  • 1

    Where are we?

  • 2

    Are we getting the most out of our analytics?

  • 3

    Did our MMM and Optimizations fail to produce, or were we not ready to use it?

When it comes to marketing analytics readiness, the difference between a good base foundation and a best practice can easily be 10-20 points of ROI improvement. 

Broadly defined, organizational readiness for a new analytic advancement spans the availability of organizational resources and the operational readiness needed for successful adoption and usage. We focus on the readiness and improvement factors relevant for marketing analytics, but we also question the sufficiency of governance, financial and technological capabilities. In the end we produce a Progression Map detailing a clients relative standings by key enabler. This map becomes a roadmap that elevates your organization to the next level of performance.

Progression-based Assessment – Enablement and Readiness is Two Way

Faced with constantly evolving change and innovation, organizations risk disappointing results by only cascading STRATEGY from the top down. Analytics can deliver all it promises if organizations are mindful about their own unique capabilities and that success is equally dependent on a bottom-up led OPERATIONAL readiness

Enablement & Readiness Factors

  • Data (source systems, coverage, quality risks, governance)

  • Metrics

  • Analytics (data science, models, optimization & simulation)

  • Processes (reporting, planning, measurement, activation, testing, and innovation)

  • Partner integration (agency, ad tech, data)

  • Talent & skill-sets

  • Analytical organization design (operational, tactical, strategic, outsourced, etc)

  • Culture

  • Business case

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