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Every analytics project by definition will require some level of data to be sourced, transmitted, organized and analyzed. If not the largest part of any project, certainly it is often the most painful. 

Based on our experience running progression-based analytics, we have developed a robust methodology for data management and integration. We have also developed strong partnerships across the data vendor landscape from traditional to more innovative providers. 


  • Best practices for data management still build on a solid foundation of organizing data templates, tracking and documentation. As the degree and scope of data has increased exponentially we now see the establishment of Data Governance. The objectives of a strong DG program are to ensure high quality, well-defined data and provide guidelines on use-cases, security and distribution. We work closely with these teams to help establish the best practices about defining high quality data in the Marketing context and describing its proper use and application in Marketing Analytics.
  • Once data has been identified and sourced, procedures should be put in place to maintain ongoing collection of that data. Our data and transmission teams - who work with the full range of industry databases - work with you to design the most efficient process to support a 'live' feed. 
  • We also maintain extensive third-party databases for Economic, Demographic and Weather. These inevitably impact every project to varying degrees and provide a key input to our benchmark database and diagnostics.

Data Partnerships

In addition to the typical technology partners to support cloud computing, advanced analytics and data visualization we've also developed key data partnerships. These partnerships focus on maintaining the best data practices and leveraging the data in new and innovative ways. In the data category, we have the following partnerships:

  • 1

    The big silos: Google, Facebook, Amazon

  • 2

    The syndicators: Nielsen, YouGov, ComScore, NPD

  • 3

    The innovators: Mesh Experience


  • Today’s leading companies and analytics vendors have agile data management teams who can support the marketing analytics process with day-to-day operations and collection of data. These processes help inform decision-making tools with quality insights and optimized response-based rules or guidelines.
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